Java BacklinkChecker

At the moment I am developing a littel tool, that helps webmasters track the backlinks from their Link-Partners sites.

Backlink Tool

The tool will be Java-based, making it usable on almost any kind of operating system, local computer or server. The application will be able to write the results of the backlink-check to different kinds of targets. The default output will be written to the console from where the application is run. It will also be possible to configure the application, so that the result can be written to an email and mailed to a specific address, making it possible to mail all broken backlinks to oyu in the morning, if the application is run on a server. The application will be configure by the Spring Framework. Check this page for updates soon.

Plans for the Backlink Checker

So far the Backlink Checker just reads the page containing the backlink and checks if any link to my page is present. In future versions it will be possible to use plugins, which do custom checks on the page with the backlink. For example it will be possible to plugin a Java-Class, which checks if the page is being redirected via 301 or 302. Other validators will check for NOREL parameters or meta-tags, which disallow the search egnine's robots the crawling of the page. It will be possible to choose whatever validation you need. It will also be possible to write specialized validators in java and plug them into the system.
I plan to release an early version of my backlink checker tool in early December.

Online backlink checker

Wenn Sie als Webmaster ihre Linkpartner lieber mit einem Online-Tool kontrollieren wollen, empfehle ich ihnen