Computer Trumps

Computer Trumps is a fun card based game for the iPhone. Play with all the vintage Computers like the Commodore C64, Apple II, Spectrum or Atari against your opponent.

How to play

Main Menu

On the main screen you can...

Game Screen

On this screen you make your choice. Tap the value that you think will trump your opponent's cars.

These are the winning values:

The player with the better value gets both cards. On the top of this screen you can see how many cards you and your opponent have.

For each round you won you will get points. It depends on how much better your value was, compared with your opponent. The smaller the differences between your and your opponent's values are, the more points you get.
So you might play startegically and choose a lower value to get more points.

On the top you see how many cards you and your opponent currently have. Tap this bar to go to the main menu. The game saves automatically. So you can go to the start maneu or quit the game and resume your game at the point you left.

Round Result

After each move the winning card is shown. Tap this screen once to advance to the next round.

On the bottom you see in which round you are.

Opponent Move

This screen shows that your opponent is making his move. Just wait a second. Sometimes it's hard to decide which value to choose!

Result Screen

After you played the last round or one player got all the cards, you will see this view.

If you won you can enter a Name which is added to your highscore. If you entered a username and password in the "Settings" menu, your highscore is submitted to our online highscore. Please note that only the username from the settings menu is displayed in the online highscore.


This is the settings menu. Enter a name and password to register your scores in the global online highscore. You can choose to submit your location to see other players in your area!

You can also choose how many rounds to play. The game ends after this number or if one player got all cards. The last option lets you play inifitely

Deutsche Version

iPhone Quartett Spiel mit Autos auch auf Deutsch.

How to install

Trums is available only at the Apple AppStore. You can download it directly on your iPhone 3G or use iTunes.

Thanks for your support!