iPhone Adsense® statistics Application

I have just submitted Version 1.3.3 to the AppStore which should take care of the login problems some users experienced after the latestr update of the Adsense login page. Please be patient while Apple reviews this update. I appologize for the problems! Uf you ever run into login problems, please contact me from the form on this page!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems Google has changed the login procedure for Adsense again. This might make logging in to your accoutn from SenseEarn impossible. I have already submitted an update that will fix this problem and am waiting for Apple to release it!

SenseEarn is a program that lets you track your Google Adsense® earnings on your Apple iPhone. Just install the app on your iPhone or iPod touch and it will download your Adsense® statistics to your device and show them to you.


The application

Drill down information for each day, week, month and channel.

Add multiple accounts

Your account information is encrypted and only stored on your device.


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If you have trouble opening this link, please open the AppStore in iTunes and search for "SenseEarn". Thank you!


When you first open the application you need to go to the "Settings" page to enter your Adsense credentials. On the settings page you can also enable "Autoupdate", which will automatically update your statistics, when you open SenseEarn.
You manually start the update by pressing the Update icon on the bottom left corner od the main screen.
Please note that the dates for "Today" and "Yesterday" refer to the timezone of the Adsense server (Pacific Standard Time).

Security& Privacy

We know that your Adsense® account data is a sensitive issue. Our application stores your username and your encrypted password only on your own device and will never, ever send any kind of data to other websites than Google's Adsense® server to retrieve your statistics. Of course we use encrypted SSL conenctions to load your data.
You could test our application for any privacy breaches by setting upa local proxy on your desktop computer and route your iPhones HTTP connections through this proxy. In fact we would be more than happy if someone indedpendent would do this test!
SenseEarn is not an official Google product! For support, please use the contact form on THIS page only!

Google Adsense® Login

Please note! This application uses Adsense®'s web interface to get your statistics. The speed at which the Application can log in and download the statistics depends on Google Adsense®. When first started the application will download the data from last month, which will take a little bit longer. The later updates will be faster.
As Google might change the login process the application might cease to work. We try everything to get an update of SenseEarn out, that is adapted to a new login-procedure, but it might take a few days, mostly depending on the speed of the application review at Apple to get the app working again.

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Adsense® is a registered trademark of Google Inc. SenseEarn is not affiliated with Google in any way.

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