Fixed: Tasmota devices failing Wifi connection in 2.4/5GHz environment

While I would suggest getting every “smart home” device in the Zigbee version, instead of Wifi, I still have a bunch of Wifi power plug switches running on Tasmota firmware.

Of course the Wifi Stack on these devices is very limited compared to more sophisticated consumer devices and for me (and many others, acording to the Tasmota Github) they never played well in a modern mixed 2.4/5GHz Wifi environment.

I am currently running my Network on Asus XT8 mesh routers and the Tasmota plugs always fail to connect if I don’t set the network to 2.4GHz-only mode, severely kneecapping the potential performance of the network,

I have now solved this iussue and the Tasmota plugs are running reliably on network.
I had to enable the Option “Target Wake Time“: